I've been practicing yoga for almost 10 years. At the beginning I went to classes to soften my body, to meet with my friends, and I perceived it as a weekly sport activity. Little by little I understood that yoga is a philosophy of life, to which I adhere to today because it is a complete discipline which takes into account the body and the spirit.


It is a holistic approach (body, mind, soul) which has become my life path, which accompanies me in order to meet as closely as possible My inner Truth and which allows me to have a better understanding of Life and my relationships with others.

Beyond the changes that the asanas (postures) have produced on my body, I find that my state of mind has also evolved as I have taken on yogic philosophy. Indeed yoga is above all a path of transformation, which takes us exactly where we are and not where we think we are,and even less where we would like to be.True peace is found in silence, in a true and caring meeting with oneself.


Breathing exercises, called pranayama, combined with meditation played a role, and not a small one, in the changes I observed in myself including calming the restlessness of the body and enabling me to take a step back in certain situations.

Practicing yoga is rediscovering the pleasure of playing with your body and letting emotions emerge allowing a reunion with the Self. In fact, yoga shows us the way to experience and realize the truth.

The teaching I have received comes from the line of Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra where Hatha Yoga is defined as the control and balance of our life energy.

In turn, during my classes I aim to:

  • Support everyone on their own yoga path, to the extent of what I have already done on mine.

  • Make the postures accessible by adapting them to the body and to the needs of each person, in an inclusive and safe environment .

  • Develop a more respectful listening capacity to changes in the body.

  • Encourage everyone to listen to their inner Self and to develop their own practice according to their current needs.

  • Guiding a wide variety of audiences in discovering a yoga that develops tolerance, love and curiosity towards others and, above all, towards oneself.

  • Show students that Yoga can be exported into our daily life to improve our balance, well-being and happiness.


"The real and ultimate goal of yoga is to know who I am and what I am."

T.K Krishnamacharya



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