Hatha Yoga

"To engage in yoga is to venture on a one-way street; one can stop on the way, but one cannot turn back since each step is accompanied by a transformation of the being"

-- Upanishads of yoga, J. Varenne--

Hatha Yoga is a practice of yoga that aims to balance the energy in the whole body, through asanas (postures), pranayama (breath control) and meditation.

The teaching I received comes from the Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra lineage where Hatha Yoga is defined as the control and balance of our life energy.

As I implemented the asanas, pranayama and meditation, I was able to observe changes in myself such as being able to step back in certain situations or calm the restlessness of the mind.

In my opinion, practicing yoga is to rediscover the pleasure of playing with one's body and letting emotions emerge to meet the Self.

In fact, yoga shows us the way to experience and realize the truth.

Also, in my turn during my classes I aim to :

  • Accompany each person on their own yoga path, to the extent that I have already traveled on mine.

  • Make the postures accessible by adapting them to the body and needs of each person, in an inclusive and safe practice.

  • To develop a more respectful listening to the changes of the body.

  • To encourage each person to listen to their inner self and to develop their own practice according to their needs at the time.

  • To guide a wide range of audiences in the discovery of a yoga that develops tolerance, love and curiosity towards others and, most importantly, towards oneself.

  • To show students that yoga can be exported into our daily lives to improve our balance, well-being and happiness.



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