Tao Massage

Tao Massage

Discover Tao massage, an ancient Chinese practice that encourages the free circulation of vital energy, the Qi, throughout the body, offering health and well-being.

Taoist massage is based on key principles, such as the alternation between subtle movements of a Yin nature and enveloping and firm movements of a Yang nature. It aims to reactivate the harmonious circulation of Qi through the meridians, the channels that supply the organs throughout the body. Deep, unobstructed breathing accompanies the massage, encouraging optimal circulation of energy.

The session follows a precise protocol, divided into three parts. The preparatory phase opens the energy channels and encourages letting go, preparing the body and mind for the rest of the massage. The main sequence focuses first on the back, then on the front of the body, offering a gentle, targeted touch. The final sequence concludes the massage by calming the energy and allowing the recipient to return to an ordinary state of consciousness. Throughout the session, rest positions are proposed to allow the body to assimilate the sensations and integrate the benefits of the session.

Lasting approximately 1h-1h15, Taoist massage is an energising process that revitalises the circulation of vital energy in the acupuncture meridians, thus promoting a more balanced and harmonious body.

Beyond its physical benefits, this massage also allows you to explore your body sensations and deepen your levels of consciousness, offering a rich and transforming experience.

Taoist massage is for women and men seeking subtle balance and a deeper connection with their body and emotions. It is performed on a table, using oil.

You can receive it solo or as a duo.

As a solo client, this massage lasts between 1h15 and 1h30 and is priced at fr-160 in Switzerland and 110€ in France.

As a duo, this service is available for fr- 300 in Switzerland and 200€ in France.

The session includes : an interview, massage, integration time, closing.

I recommend a prior telephone interview to ensure a clear and caring framework.

It is essential to stress that Taoist massage is in no way a sensual, sexual or naturist massage. It does not involve any form of genital stimulation or the seeking of "energy release". Nudity is not compulsory, and the person giving the massage remains clothed throughout the session. The framework is clearly defined to preserve the integrity and safety of everyone, and we ask you to respect this caring space.

I invite you to read this information before making an appointment, to ensure a mutual understanding and an aligned intention for these Taoist massage sessions. My aim is to offer you a unique sensory and spiritual experience, promoting your overall well-being and inner harmony.


"We tried the duo tao massage with Caroline and Nicolas. Relaxation, physical well-being and serenity. If you have any doubts, this massage is not sexualised, so you can go without fear."


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