Kashmiri Massage

Kashmiri Massage

Welcome to the art of ultimate well-being, inspired by the non-dual Shiva tantric traditions of Kashmir.

Kashmiri Massage invites you to experience Spanda in the body, a spellbinding dance between the energy of the heart and the awakening of the Kundalini, housed in the sacrum. This communion creates a vibration, an inner ecstasy, where sexual energy is subtly directed towards the higher centres, gradually transforming and rising. A sensory experience that transcends the limits of the body to plunge you into a state of ecstasy and deep connection.

Practised on the floor, on a welcoming futon, Kashmiri massage is distinguished by four postures for the massee, an exploration that differs from conventional massages. The postures, from the flan to the foetal position, enable an intense transfer of energy between the masseur's hara and the massee's perineum, a revitalising experience at the deepest level of the being. It's a massage of surrender, a celebration of total trust and deep relaxation. It encourages the resurgence of childhood memories and their spontaneous resolution.

This massage is a little more involving than Taoist massage, as it involves closer physical contact with the masseur. It therefore requires you to have experienced one or more Tao massages beforehand, so that the energies have begun to circulate better and a climate of trust has been established with the masseur.

Kashmiri Massage, a heritage of the Shiva tradition from Kashmir in India, is not just a massage, but a form of meditation, an invitation to spiritual openness. It balances mind, body and emotions, guiding you towards the sacred state of vibration known as Spanda.

I recommend that you have a telephone conversation beforehand to ensure a clear and caring environment.

It is essential to stress that the Kashmiri massage is in no way a sensual, sexual or naturist massage. It does not involve any form of genital stimulation or "energy release". Nudity is not compulsory, and the person giving the massage remains clothed throughout the session. The setting is clearly defined to preserve the integrity and safety of everyone, and we ask you to respect this caring space.

I invite you to read this information before making an appointment, to ensure a mutual understanding and an aligned intention for these Kashmiri massage sessions. My aim is to offer you a unique sensory and spiritual experience, promoting your overall well-being and inner harmony. The session, punctuated by an interview, the massage, the integration time and the closing, offers an introspective journey. This massage lasts between 1h15 and 1h30 and is available at fr-170 in Switzerland and 120€ in France. It is also available as a duo for €210.

The session, punctuated by an interview, the massage, the integration time and the closing, offers an introspective journey. This massage is available at fr-170 in Switzerland and 120€ in France, and lasts between 1h15 and 1h30.

Benefits of Kashmiri Massage :

Total release

Awakening of vital energy through the breath

Circulation of energy throughout the body

Integration of desire with spirituality

Complete reconciliation with the body

Refining your ability to listen to the subtle

Immerse yourself in mental, physical and emotional harmony.

Book your Kashmiri Massage session and let yourself be carried away by this unique experience of well-being and deep connection with yourself.

Christophe's testimony

"I needed a massage to recharge my batteries, calm down and reconnect with myself.

Caroline naturally suggested a tantric massage.

At first, I was prejudiced, completely unfamiliar with it and sexually prejudiced.

In reality it was the complete opposite.

It's a massage that's both dynamic, because you don't just lie there on the same position, but also very calm, because it allows you to reconnect with yourself and only yourself.

Whether you're wearing a paper thong for a 'traditional' massage or nothing at all for a tantric massage, the real importance lies elsewhere than in what you're wearing.

If you need to regain your self-confidence, tantric massage is the key."


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