Postnatal Yoga

What if you gave yourself some time after the birth of your baby?

What if you could practice yoga after giving birth, with other moms, and have a space to share?

What if you could resume a gentle and invigorating physical activity?

The postnatal yoga that I propose is focused on the strengthening of the pelvic floor, or the perineum, this muscle, so precious and so abused during pregnancy is placed at the heart of the classes!

You can thus "resume" the practice of yoga about ten days after the delivery according to your state of health and vitality.

This practice will allow the pregnant woman to become aware of the upheavals undergone by her body but also of the link between her diaphragm and her perineum. Thanks to adapted exercises she will be able to re-establish musculation and tonicity in order to allow her body to regain its full powers!

Postpartum yoga will also help open the rib cage and improve posture by maintaining the chest correctly and by respecting a good alignment. The body of the young mother will also be gently drained, stretched and strengthened. Post-natal yoga also offers the possibility to focus, to anchor oneself and to find the balance, the internal peace that may have been lost during the pregnancy and/or the arrival of the baby.

With my experience as a mom (2 beautiful children) and also 20 years of being a nurse with very young children (neonatology, premature babies), I am also a resource for advice related to parenting, post partum and child development.

I can also advise on how to carry the baby properly, protecting the back, but also how to settle properly for breast or bottle feeding, changing, bathing etc... I also know how much the welcome of a child impacts the woman's body, her emotional experience, her sensitivity, her availability and her couple.

I am delighted to be able to accompany new mothers to live their maternity more serenely, in their body, their mind and their sensitivity.

It is possible to participate in the sessions in presence of your baby! You will be able to take care of him if he needs it. Between my availability during the session, my experience and your presence, your baby will be welcomed and safe!

The group space is designed to be caring, caring, intimate and sharing experiences between moms is welcome! The group is limited to 4 participants to ensure the quality of the welcome for babies and mothers!

Who is this class for?

If you have just given birth, you can come as early as 1 week to 10 days after the birth, depending on how you feel. If you have any doubts, contact me or your doctor to find out.

You gave birth a few weeks ago, you are welcome, with your baby until 6-8 months, or without, depending on your preference.

You have had children and your perineum is in need of strengthening, you can of course join a class. Strengthening the pelvic floor helps to reduce back pain, untimely bladder leakage, and the onset of prolapse.


Monday 9am in St Jean de Tholome


The session is 18€, and I offer quarterly subscriptions

Talk about it around you, come with your friends!

I also offer prenatal yoga classes.


After the pre-natal, I continued with the post-natal and I am still satisfied. The postures and the rhythm are adapted and allow me to revitalize myself gently. A real work on the perineum adapted to each one according to its possibilities, in addition to all that yoga brings. It allowed me to reappropriate my body and to take some time for myself, which is not obvious during this period. A nice gift to give or to give to yourself! The schedule is practical with a newborn because it often corresponds to the morning nap and the calm of the sessions allows it. Caroline listens to moms and babies and sometimes rocks them to free us and make them wait! Changing and feeding are part of the sessions and contribute to the special atmosphere of post-natal yoga, which is also a place of exchange between moms. Caroline has found the right balance between gentleness and dynamism in her practice. And her smile (and her delicious herbal tea) never left her! A big thank you for these great moments!


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