I went to yoga to help me manage pain in my body following a major accident with cervical and neurological injuries. I also wanted to have a preventive action for my health. Being a nurse was very nourishing. Nevertheless, I could see that my body was sending me stronger and stronger messages : body pains, general malaise, depression ! After a major accident, with broken neck bones and a long rehabilitation, it was time for me to listen to the signals ! So I started yoga, and it was good for my body and mind.

At first I went once a week (sometimes less). During the sessions I made friends and we often met to practice together! I also took part in the various courses proposed by my teachers and little by little the principles of the philosophy of yoga distilled then made their way.

Yoga, a complete discipline, which works on the body, the breath, the energy, and the subtle, has made me physically more muscular, in shape, emotionally more stable, and has allowed me to have resources easily accessible because they are within me ;-)


After a few years of regular practice, I wanted to learn more about myself, my inner world, and this philosophy, this world of yoga ! I enjoyed walking on this path towards myself ! On this path towards more awareness, more listening, more wisdom and kindness.

In all honesty I did not want to be a teacher when I started school. I just wanted to know, to know and to deepen. And then... A friend asked me to replace him to teach his classes. I vacillated between excitement, hesitation and fear... I finally accepted because I was going on a yoga retreat in India just before the replacement period. I wanted to take advantage of the momentum of the retreat and the energy of India to give these first sessions. I loved transmitting, perceiving the dynamics of the group, and facilitating people's access to their well-being !

And little by little, step by step, a professional turn was revealed ! Since September 2020 I have been teaching Hatha Yoga in weekly classes. Seeing the people who come to the classes I offer transform, physically and emotionally, touches me deeply. Through their feedback and our exchanges, I see that they are aware of their transformation. They see how much it soothes and excites them ! It is so touching !

Associating massage with yoga practice came as a matter of course, allowing for a more complete well-being accompaniment. In September 2020, I received the training for the 5 continents massage. It helps to detoxify and regenerate the body. This massage is a unique technique combining gestures, aromatherapy, magnetism and Reiki energy. These different techniques allow for a holistic and energizing massage.

When I was a nurse, for 20 years, I worked with toddlers (neonatology). Thus, training in prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga seemed to me to be another obvious way to stay in touch with what had animated me until then. Since 2021 I have been accompanying future and new mothers through adapted sessions. I combine the knowledge acquired through my professional and personal experience of motherhood (2 children).

In short, I offer Hatha Yoga classes, prenatal yoga classes and postnatal yoga classes, and massages in St Jean de Tholome and Geneva (Rive and Malagnou).

Since 2021 I have also discovered tantra, an initiatory and revealing path for me ! Another way to discover and accept who I am in my entirety, in consciousness. Here too I "fell into the pot" and I completed the Savitur tantra professional training process in 2023. I offer various accompaniments (individual or in group) massage tao for those who want to meet, welcome and develop their being, in its entirety, with its shadows and its light, in presence and consciousness.

"The real and ultimate goal of yoga is to know who I am and what I am."

T.K Krishnamacharya



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